Amsterdam vs Copenhagen (part 1)

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Amsterdam vs Copenhagen…
…Netherlands vs Denmark

Part 1 – Basic urban cycle track anatomy

Despite the provocative title this blog post will have a relatively technical focus – comparing some features of infrastructure found in the Netherlands with what’s found in Denmark – and comparing both to the UK. But it’ll not be too technical. What I’m aiming for is to convey my overall impression of the differences in infrastructure design where this is intended to support cycling.

These design differences have major consequences for pedestrians too – but a more direct introduction to Dutch design and the pedestrian environment, and how different things can be around this, is in the article “I want my street to be like this” (which also has some pretty animations).

This 3 part series is spread over three separate blog articles.

This is part 1 (basic cycle track anatomy).
Link to part 2 (basic…

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